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Serving the needs of investors, by simplifying portals

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Rest assured... We've got your back!

NiFO is a leading provider of Virtual Front Door Services. Our Building Monitoring Service is like having a security guard who never sleeps.

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Skeptical Investors?
No problem!

Our NiFO streaming services help your investors put their mind at ease...

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Take control
of your life!

Track maintenance requests, concierge service orders and much more!!

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Concierge – Virtual Doorman – Streaming

Providing solutions for platforms that cater to demanding clientelle

White Label

Our product can be fully customized to suit your specific brand. We offer key solutions which include call centers, technology and support to run your own concierge service.

crowdfunding portals

The need to fulfill demanding investors’ needs can be easily achieved with our customizable concierge service.


Financial service providers can now offer their clients cheaper concierge services to enhance lifetime value and increase customer retention.


As customer values and demands change you need to be on top of the curve to offer them bespoke services. With our help, you can do just that.


Innovative Solutions

Clients connect with a Nifo concierge specialist each day,; each interaction, request and connection is unique. We strive to develop a deep relationship at every stage of our business. By leveraging industry network and relationships with thousands of global partners, Nifo concierge specialists have the knowledge and resources to carry out any request to your exact specifications. Our personal program is suited for the individual or family that requires a superior, personalized concierge service.

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Our Vision

About us

We recognize the important factors within the work of a Concierge amenity, including self-service, customer care and that people are at the very core of this line of work. With just one mobile device, everything can be accomplished to ensure ease of use for our partners and clients. 

Virtual Doorman

Turning Regular Buildings into Smart Buildings


Streaming Media

What is it, how does it work, and why do I need it?

We provide media streaming services for all crowdfunding services. If you have a doubtful investor, let us help by linking everyone and everything together, this way they will be able oversee everything that is happening with their investment, from anywhere in the world. Our service is available on any device.