your email.

All email platforms are not created equal. We understand that and that's why we created Sphinx Mail to give you the freedom to choose your own environment. We aggregate and integrate - you customize and simplify. Sphinx Mail gives you the power to integrate Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other email platforms into one. With new features, HTML5 drag and drop functionality, and socialization - Sphinx Mail has it all.

Drag and Drop.

HTML5 is not a college thesis anymore. It is real. And we are bringing the power of the Web 3.0 to Sphinx. Drag and Drop to create lists. Socialize your emails. Shortcut to your favorite music and videos. Liberate yourself and simplify your life - one function and one product at a time with Sphinx. Discover all emails, rich media and the latest social activity at your fingertips - and all without leaving your browser.

your rich media.

We created Sphinx Gala to do just that. Listen, view, manage, extract and distribute - do it all with your images, videos and music files. Pull your images from Facebook and emails, create and share media lists, view movies and listen to music - without leaving your browser. We've HTML5-boosted Sphinx Image, Sphinx Video and Sphinx Audio to give you more power and flexibility.

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